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Chuk - the first We got our first Husky in 1989. It was the final of a long search for the ultimate dog for our family, consisting of two adults and two children. The family vote was 2 in favor of German Schaefer, 1 in favor of New Fundlander and one kind of neutral. But it ended up with a Siberian Husky and we don't mind admitting it was because of its beautiful appearance. But the dog's mind took us by surprise. This was not a dog for people who wanted a decorative item in the corner of the living room, nor was it content with a quick stroll down Main Street. He had his own mind about things - and he wanted to go out to discover the world. So we followed him out into the world. To exhibitions, events and races. He started pulling cart when he was 3 years old, when he joined an established team of four experienced Huskies, and he enjoyed it. So we had to realize, that from now on, we would have to follow him to the races in the same way as we escorted our boys to their sports and hobbies. His name is Chuk, and we got him from the "Kennel Huskygaarden" near Viborg, Jutland. But he originates from Margarethe Westrings "Kennel Chukchi". Margarethe Westring is the lady, who introduced the Siberian Husky in Denmark and she was without doubt "The Grand Old Lady of Huskies" until she died in 1989. We also took Chuk to training, but without any success - on the contrary. On a good day he was excellent and could compete with "traditional" training-breeds like Labrador Retriever and Golden Retriever. But the problem was that he hardly had any good days at all. He just couldn't be motivated by the training program, except when he had to follow track. Then his "classmates" only saw his tail as he demonstrated his extreme skills with his nose. He also learned to distinguish between "Left" and "Right"-commands, which comes in very handy when you only have your voice to steer a pack of sled dogs in front of a cart. For a while he was retired as a sled dog. He was 10 years old, and he didn't really think pulling cart was his game anymore. But he made a come back. We acquired a small, lightweight cart for him to pull with his younger "brother" Nanoq and we started out with short 2-3 km tracks and this way prolonged his career with another two years. However, by the age of 12 he finally retired and in his two final years he had growing difficulties with his back. So one sad day in August 2003, we had to take him for his final walk to the vet. It was a very hard decision, but there could be no doubt. We had reached the end of the road together. But in the middle of this misery, we could find comfort in knowing that he has had a rich and joyful Husky life.
  • Jump!

    Our first husky, Chuk, frequently entertained us with some strange stumping with his fore legs. We don't know why he did it, but it seemed to give him great pleasure.


  • At the beach

    Our first husky, Chuk, on a promenade alaong a winter beach. Here are some lyrical images of a husky in his right element.