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Kamatz - the third "Taymyrs What Women Want" was born as the only male in a litter of 7 at the Taymyr kennel in Herlufmagle in Denmark. As soon as we heard of the mating we contacted Heidi Søeborg at the kennel to hear about our possibilities to get a male from the litter, and she told us that we were welcome provided at least two males were born. Well, there wasn't and our hopes sank dramatically. But Heidi opened for the possibility that she might decide to keep a bitch instead - and for 8 long weeks we held our breaths. Thursday the 5th of January the tension was released when we got the news from Heidi that she - after thorough consideration - would allow the youngster to move in with us. And needles to say, we were excited! Naturally we were anxious to see how our 11 year old male, Nanoq, would receive the newcomer, and the first hour or so was a little tense. "Taymyrs What Women Want" was eager to get in contact with Nanoq, but the senior obviously wouldn't just surrender. This newcomer needed to be checked out properly. But as the evening went by, Nanoq gradually lowered his parades and eventually there was an invitation to play. We were happy to see that the senior obviously was more ready for changes in the pack than his late big brother Chuk had been years earlier when Nanoq himself was to be introduced. As the next day went by, the two dogs were busy figuring out their new roles. Nanoq was friendly and curious in his attitude, but at the same time it was clear to see that it was important for him to keep a certain distance to the new pack member. But their handling of the new situation was just "according to the manual", and they soon became best friends. Nanoq is still setting the pace in relation to "Taymyrs What Women Want", and naturally we support this, but we are happy to see that he has adopted the best sides from our first Husky, Chuk, in his leadership. "Taymyrs What Women Want". Well, that's what his pedigree says. But even though the name has a sense of grandiosity to it it also holds a number of problems. For instance it is quite difficult to fit such a long name into the space of a dog tag. Heidi must have been aware of this because she had given him the "short name" of Gibson. For movie enthusiasts the association is obvious as Mel Gibson played the leading part in the movie "What Women Want". And even though we appreciated the movie when it suddenly occurred on the TV-screen a week after the youngster moved in with us, we still thought that his "short name" should be more in line with the ancestors of his breed. So we decided on Kamatz, a name that hails from the language of the Nez Perce Native Americans. The Nez Perce territory is situated in the north-western part of the USA and translated into English, the name means "He who walks free" - very suitable for a Husky that is his own master and very self-confident. And a sunny day in June 2006, his self-confidence certainly came in useful. Kamatz hails from a family with very proud exhibition traditions and there are BIR and BIS and national and international champions as far back as you can see. So we decided to test his exhibitions skills at a Danish Siberian Husky Club exhibition. He was the first dog in the ring with Welch judge Sheila Luxmoore, but it soon became clear that Kamatz was not "What This Woman Want" as her first words was "Now, let me tell you why I don't like your dog…" followed by an extensive list of faults and errors of Kamatz. The only thing she missed was the fact that he is missing a testicle - a detail that didn't pass unnoticed the next day, when we aimed to revenge the disappointment at a Danish Canine Society exhibition. And according to Belgian judge Norman Deschuymere, the story should have ended right there and then. But the ring secretary succeeded in explaining the judge that under Danish rules, Kamatz could be presented without both testicles because of his young age. So he gave Kamatz a review, and even though it is not ravishing, it was far better than the one we received the day before. But we have to realize that Kamatz' active days at the exhibition ring is already over. As he is growing older, it is very unlikely that the lacking testicle will materialize at its right place. That doesn't keep us from sleeping at night however. To quote Anette Victoria: "His kisses are wet and he is exceptionally good at cuddles" - so who can ask for more?
  • New kid in town

    Kamatz is entertaining most of those present the first night in his new home. However, big brother Nanoq is obviously not amused...


  • The ball player

    A very young Kamatz is having a ball with a ball. Wonder if you can ever get tired of watching a playful puppy..?


  • The explorer

    When you are new to the teritory there is a lot of things that has to be checked out. Not least how to lure big brother Nanoq to play. Here Kamatz is attempting both.


  • Family meeting

    We were a bit anxious about the first meeting between Kamatz and his "cousins" in the "Kalvehave pack". But all went well and Kamatz soon found a new best friend in Sika.


  • Chrch bell duet

    When the church bells set in, Kamatz "sings" along. Here he "sings" a lovely polar duet with some Norwegian church bells.


  • Snow romance

    Best friend Emma is visiting on a lovely winters day. It seems to suit the two youngsters very well, while Nanoq is obviously not amused...