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Lappi - the fourth Since we lost our second Husky, Nanoq, in 2008 we have been discussing wether or not we should get a new companion to Kamatz. As time went by, these discussions became increasingly frequent and finally we realized that time had come to stop talking and set the plan into action. So in the late months of 2011 we intensified our search. Many different suggestions were up for debate and many of them were rejected again. But slowly we came to terms with the fact that our next dog would most likely not be a Husky. But it was clear to both of us that we should concentrate on the Nordic breeds, so slowly but surely we began to circle in on Icelandic Sheepdog. In that we saw the ideal combination of size, temper and the caracteristics of the Northern dogs that we've come to love. And so the road was paved for Lappi to enter our lives - a 3½ year old male whose family had taken the hard but responsible decision to put him up for adoption as a concequence of lack of time and attention. So on February 23rd 2012 he moved in with us and the days of tranquility were over... Kamatz and Lappi found eachother immidiately and during the first days together they did their very best to plow up our lawn by wild hunting games. The up-side to this was that they both were so tired at bedtime that the nights were absolutely quiet... We had expected Lappi to be stressed over leaving his family and moving in with us, but by the help of Kamatz he apparently didn't have time to think of what had happend, and we soon found that he settled in very fine. We also noted that we had a razor sharp dog on our hands: He is an extremely fast learner. Lappi has never been on a lead, but since there are lots of cats in the neighbourhood and since we were all new to him, we wouldn't take the risc of letting him walk free. So the first couple of trips with Lappi on a lead caused a few problems passing lightposts, trees and signs the right way around. But in the cause of just 24 hours he learned the meaning of our home made command "around" and he learned to tell the difference between "Left" and "Right" so that we could direct him at crossroads by just telling him the direction. Lappi isn't a Husky. Not even remotely. He is very social and connects closely to his "human family", he is eager to learn and even though he is very sure of him self, he still likes to be cloe to us. So the features of a Husky, which is very much the opposite of this, and which we had interpreted as the features of the Northern breeds, doesn't really apply to Lappi. But he is a true charmer and he definately takes everyone by the heart. And he is by far forgotten by his former family. The first picture in the gallery is a very sweet greeting he recieved from Isabella expressing her affection for Lappi.
  • A shoe thing

    We soon discovered that Lappi has a thing about slippers. These are made of sheep skin so perhaps they have a special appeal to a sheepdog..?


  • Catch me who can

    Best friend Emma meets Lappi for the first time, and they get along very well. Even Kamats seems to enjoy an hour of wild games.


  • Snowbath

    What could be better than a cold snow bath? Lappi is definately not in doubt! It obviously doesn't come much better than a good roll in the snow.


  • Behind closed doors

    In the old country hit, Charlie Rich sings "no one knows what goes on behind closed doors". That may very well be, but Lappi is determined to find out...


  • On display

    Lappi on display for the second time in his life. Norwegian Svein Bjoernes is the judge. Even though he did better the first time around, he is still doing very well here.


  • Another day at the office

    Lappi at sheep dog test. It is very likely that he never realized what he was there for and what he was supposed to do. But the entertainment value is unsurpassed.